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  1. Track Days.

    Give Daniel some time. It'll come.

  2. klepetar

    correction.. verstappen DID have the pace to challenge mercedes.. bottas..not hamilton..

  3. zypsy24

    I thought the car's right side mirror decal says B**ch. Sorry.

  4. Liberty Works

    I Like Toto wolf

  5. Flip De Riviera

    Most amazing circuit ever made. Incredible flow and character!

  6. Chris Frank

    Mercedes needs full coverage insurance.. Maybe a few extra cars?

  7. Parham Sharifi

    Hamilton’s contract is extended only a year. First Russell, and now Romain. Mercedes are looking for a driver.

  8. TheLukie222

    Well done Mercedes!

  9. Doug Parker

    F1 should return to circuit magny-cours for the French gp.

  10. V

    This is just the most wholesome thing in F1 ever aside from Hamiltons uplifting tweets to other drivers!

  11. Hashim Muhammad

    In an alternate reality, Romain goes faster than HAM and BOT, merc puts him in 2nd seat for the rest of 2021. He ends up 2nd or 3rd in championship. Next year he gets the merc 2nd seat for permanent. Bottas moves to a different team. Russell quit F1 in 2022.

  12. Hashim Muhammad

    Wholesome and awesome.

  13. forthechickens

    Still waiting for “69 because funny number”

  14. dan theman

    Is bottas sweating right now ?????

  15. Baturalp Ege KAŞTAŞ

    he uses Vandoorne's suit LoL

  16. Milo

    It's great that you got Richard Ayoade to narrate this video lol

  17. wa ge

    that crash was horrible, but he got that badass scar out of it

  18. Saturn Lightning / The Electric Pegasus

    I Can't stop laughing at Max's "I'm not just sitting behind like a Grandma" comment It's so funny to me :)

  19. Mr Bungle

    She did kinda ruin the drivers then like Nasr but okay,its a woman,thats the most important thing

  20. Roberto Carlos Ramírez Diaz

    Que gran gestó, por parte de Mercedes. Y la gran forma de despedir a uno de los mejores pilotos de la parrila, habrá quien diga que lo hizo mal o bien, pero hay que recordar que sólo hay 20 mejores pilotos en todo el mundo. Y el estuvo en la máxima categoría.

  21. Z-LFC17 F

    We want Russell too👍

  22. Emin Güneş

    hamilton is still the same. He says tyres are gone in 36 and he can still finish p2

  23. Dionisis Theidoropoulos

    2022 Grosjean will be on Mercedes team !!

  24. Eder Rodrigues

    Eu tinha um sonho de pilotar carro da Mercedes pelo menos uma vez, mas infelizmente é um sonho distantes. Gostaria q essa mensagem chegasse no chefe da Mercedes de realizar meu único sonho

  25. Fidelius Concrete

    Lieber Toto, bitte schau in den Spiegel bevor Du vor die Kamera trittst ...

  26. Kelvin Tham

    S. Vando suit

  27. Max Rickly

    So is he only doing it for 1 race


    2:38 Kimi: I spun

  29. ctx

    Christ dont let the guy with other on track. Flippin' Crash Bandicoot, impatient, careless, moving hazard on track.

  30. george vassilo

    what is that hair r u serious? hahahahahah

    1. george vassilo

      valtteri this is tawhtawh

  31. ZXR

    What about use drone camera?

  32. TSB Halo 1218

    Haha, he’s wearing vandornes uniform

  33. Neil de Guzman

    My money's on Grosjean VS Bottas!

  34. Laia Valdespino

    2021 - I cannot get over this

  35. M Kaylan


  36. Hayden

    can someone explain what that stuff is in his ears?

  37. Carlos Ramos

    Landó out of the track for sure!

  38. Max T

    I am black, just goes to show that all lives must matter equally always ❤️

  39. coisasetal7

    Calling this a boring race knowing the next one is Barcelona is a crime

  40. Max T

    I think I have Toto hair

  41. Diego Conceicao

    Interlagos sempre surpreende a todos acontece coisas sobrenaturais

  42. EDub

    Really enjoyed this one, thanks as always.

  43. Laissa Wong

    Guenther left the chat

  44. Cuidemos la naturaleza

    Alonso increíble

  45. Squashed8Ball

    Nice publicity coup for Mercedes. They're winning on the track and off it.

  46. Cuidemos la naturaleza

    Lo de Alonso es impresionante

  47. Leo Charles

    6:02 WOW the way this cars take off is crazy!

  48. pokebro49

    plottwist: he is still racing

  49. Cuidemos la naturaleza

    Madre mía Fernando 😱😱

  50. Albertito Cucurela

    Powered by Mercedes.


    Lance Stroll: he came back like an idiot

  52. Jesus Santillan

    Now I also root for him in IndyCar, of course just after Pato O'Ward. :D


    3:06 Kimi’s Engineer: no no Kimi no you will not have the drink

  54. Andy berridge

    It would be nice to have the british g.p back at branshatch.

  55. Adhd Andy

    Great example of a team all functioning at its finest, and fantastic that Max could deliver that result for the whole team

  56. Federico Argüello

    He's taking George Russell's place because of his stuborness behaviour in the crash with Bottas...

  57. J F

    That's my Boy!

  58. Ahsen Imtiaz

    1976 Japanese GP - Rush (movie) !


    I WANT morroco ttack

  60. Comet Sands

    Toto's hair: \\-/

  61. Grimhasty

    1:27 always got to find time to do the sit feet.

  62. Izzat Ilmin

    Great gesture and publicity for Mercedes AMG-Petronas. Happy for Grosjean too.

  63. Resize Films

    Amazing circuit! 🇵🇹👏🏽

  64. The boys

    im happy for roman

  65. Something Intheway

    I predict Yuki getting the VER vs. OCO treatment if he keeps that attitude up. Nobody likes a tempermental loudmouth.

  66. Marcio Rocha


  67. Rubens Brito

    Toto give me opportunity to entry in one car f1 👀

  68. dezpotizmOFheaven

    If Red Bull would have sat all their cards on Ricciardo instead of Crashstappen they would have been Champion already... Same with Ferrari in 2019...

  69. Vash Dakari

    F1 looking more like Indy Car with the way they abused the track limits this weekend, lol

  70. Roberto T

    Is this an episode of Oprah?